We are an Agency under the Ministry of Science, Energy, Telecommunications and Transport, mandated to ensure access to information and communication technology tools to facilitate development. In 2005, the USF began operation as the Universal Access Fund Company Limited. The establishment of the USF followed a Ministerial Order which mandated that all domestic telecommunications providers collect a universal service levy on all inbound telephone calls. Today the USF uses these funds for the execution of a myriad of national ICT projects, in a bid to ensure Jamaica becomes a knowledge-based society.



Our Mission is to positively impact Jamaica’s socio-economic development by enabling a knowledge-based society through universal access to the Internet, digital inclusion.


The Universal Service Fund, a purpose driven and solutions oriented employer of choice, has enabled a knowledge-based society with universal access to the Internet and digital inclusion, thereby fueling rapid socio-economic growth and development for Jamaica.

Core Values

Team Work.

Various arms of the organisation working together to achieve common objectives.


Taking ownership of, being answerable for and facing the consequences for failing to achieve objectives set and activities assigned.


Treating others equally while being mindful of others time, effort and feelings.


Being truthful in actions, words, deeds and intent.


Being unselfish in ones words, thoughts and actions. Giving love and care to each other while being compassionate to the needs of others.