Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. the Hon. Andrew Wheatley, presented laptops to the two top-performing students in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Information Technology examination for 2016.

The students, Desmond Edwards and Kharissa King, are currently in lower sixth-form at Campion College.

Desmond Edwards received top marks for the entire region in Information Technology, while Kharissa received the highest mark in the subject for the island.

Their teachers, Sanchez Adamson and Julene Powell Wright, were also presented with plaques for their contribution to the students’ successes. A plaque was also presented to the school.

The presentations were made during a courtesy call on the Minister at the Ministry’s New Kingston Offices, on December 14.

In his remarks, Dr. Wheatley congratulated the teachers and students on their achievements.

“I am very pleased, as it sends a signal that Jamaica is moving in the right direction, and that our future is secure, because this Government believes that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is the main pillar for economic growth and development,” he said.

Dr. Wheatley encouraged the students to keep up the good work, while commending the teachers.  “You have done the work and have engineered the minds of our students to be able to perform at this very high level,” he told them.

“To the parents, I know what it is to be a parent and to be committed and to ensure that you provide the opportunity for your child to succeed. Congratulations to the parents as well,” he added.

For her part, Marketing and Public Relations Manager at the Universal Service Fund (USF), Stacy-Ann Delevante, also congratulated the students and teachers on their successes.

“I thought it fitting, as an Information Technology-related organisation, to do something like this to encourage those who are in the field to go on and to do greater things; and we want to hear good things about them in the future,” Ms. Delevante said.

Meanwhile, the recipients were appreciative of the awards and recognition received.

“I am somewhat elated that all the hard work and the sleepless nights have finally paid off. I would also like to thank my teachers and my parents for all the support they provided and the guidance that they have given in achieving this goal,” Desmond said.

Kharissa noted that, for her, it was the hard work and dedication that resulted in the successes she has achieved. She also thanked her teachers for making the subject enjoyable.

“I was really well prepared and I felt confident going into the examination, and I am just really happy that all the hard work and dedication has resulted in this achievement,” she added.

Teacher of Information Technology at Campion College, Mr. Adamson congratulated both students for the extraordinary job that they did.

“It is not surprising. For Desmond, in his fifth-form years, he was a dedicated and committed student.  Kharissa King, likewise. She was more of the reserved student, but she was also committed and dedicated to the task,” Mr. Adamson said.

Parent, Desmond Edwards Snr., said he is very proud of his son and is not surprised at his achievement, as “he is a very ardent and dedicated worker and always wants to be the top boy”.

Donna Henriquez-King said she is extremely proud of her daughter, while also expressing appreciation for the teachers at Campion College.