What an exhilarating week it has been in just the second week of April! The Universal Service Fund (USF) took center stage with not just one, but two electrifying hand-over ceremonies and a staggering four Community Wi-Fi Launch events. Picture the excitement as we delve into the highlights!

The pulse of anticipation raced through the air as the Hand-over Ceremonies unfolded, on Tuesday and Thursday creating unforgettable moments. From the grandeur of the Vauxhall High School in St Andrew to the heartwarming ambiance of the Curphey Home in Manchester, the stage was set for a lifetime of memories.

But wait, there’s more! The thrill continued with the Community Wi-Fi Launch events spreading like wildfire across Kilsyth and Effortville in Clarendon, Rose Hall Square in St. Elizabeth, and Gutters in St. Catherine. Each location is illuminated with the promise of connectivity and community empowerment.