The Universal Service Fund (USF) continues its unwavering commitment to digital inclusion and connectivity with the successful launch of four Community Connect Wi-Fi initiatives in communities in St. James and Trelawny, last week. 

The communities, Rose Heights, and Roehampton, in St. James, and Martha Brae, and Hastings in Trelawny, saw the residents welcoming the initiative with open arms. 

“These Community Connect Wi-Fi initiatives represent a significant milestone in the USF’s mission to bridge the digital divide and empower communities across Jamaica. By providing access to high-speed internet connectivity in these underserved areas, the USF aims to unlock new opportunities for education, entrepreneurship, and economic development,” said Dr. Daniel Dawes, CEO of the USF. 

With the establishment of these Wi-Fi hotspots, community members can now access the internet for educational research, remote work, communication, and other online activities, thereby enhancing their quality of life and expanding their horizons.

Also in attendance at the launches were Ms. Tova Hamilton, Member of Parliament (MP) for both Trelawny Northern and Southern, along with Mr. Johnathon Bartley, Councillor for the Wakefield Division. Additionally, Mr. Heroy Clarke, MP for St. James Central, and Mr. Homer Davis, MP for St. James Southern, were present. Each expressed sincere appreciation for the introduction of Wi-Fi access points within their respective constituencies.

They also urged community members to “take care and protect the facilities.”

The USF remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that all Jamaicans have access to affordable, reliable, and high-quality telecommunications services. Through initiatives like Community Connect Wi-Fi, the USF continues to make significant strides in advancing digital inclusion and creating a more connected and prosperous Jamaica.